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I asked a few friends what they think of someone who calls himself “Marsh”. Their answers cracked me up like a guy from Dakar, Senegal would crack his kolanut. Here’s what they said:

Response 1: He is probably someone who loves marshed potatoes. 
Response 2: I think he is the kind who leaves a party at 4 a.m. while holding a half-eaten chapo on the left hand. 
Response 3: I guess he loves marshmallows. 
Response 4: Sounds like the kind of guy who has never been to Oloitoktok.
Response 5: That’s definitely the kind who wears rubber shoes and baseball hats to a Sunday wedding in Ngong. 
Response 6: He’s the kind who refers to exams as “finals”.
Response 7: He is one of those guys who uses “by the way” a lot in his sentences. 
Response 8: He is the kind who would say something like “Ruwaza njema” in a conversation.
Response 9: I guess he is the guy who is into “Mashujaa Day”
Response 10: Sounds like the kind of guy who looks up to hugging girls after class.

There is an ancient joke in England about a guy who took a train bound to Ealing and saw a sign stating “Do not spit on the floor”. He then rose up and spit on the ceiling instead. The guy I am writing about today is someone would make such a joke. He would fit perfectly among the Brits. Brits are by far the lamest people in this planet. They have a knack for finding hilarity in the barest of litany. 

 Personally, I would describe a guy who calls himself “Marsh” as someone who does architecture. Or someone who comes from Kilifi. Or someone who is crazy on Twitter. Okay…these are all true. And you got me there. I know the guy. So forget about my ‘description’. They are facts. 

We all have that one friend who finds fun in everything. That friend who is lame. That friend whose jokes makes you want to strangle him. His life seems to be a web of unfading humor. This is that one friend. His name is Mwangolo George Sanga. For the purpose of this post let’s call him Sanga or Marsh as he likes it. Because George sounds like a name that people were crazy about in the 40s. And has been overtaken by events. 

It also sounds like the name of a British Navy commander in the 1st World War. Or the name of an ancient King. Remember King George VI? That guy from 1936 who ruled the UK? That’s why we have to take a break from George here. We don’t want to disturb the spirit of some long dead King or some stoic Baron who went down in history as the guy who roamed around his territory bare chested with a shotgun on his left hand. 

Despite having architecture on his back most of his days, Sanga is still the happy-go-lucky person who makes jokes all over concerning everything. His Twitter brims with humor. His Whatsapp status if full of lame jokes. He is no better in chats. 

We caught up for this Q and A series. 

What do you do with the first 30 minutes of your day?
Check my Twitter.

What are you most into your life right now?
Architecture. Trying to get the best architect I can grind out of myself.

What’s your all-time favorite movie?
Not a movie guy as such but Everything Everything is one of the best movies I’ve ever watched. 

What’s the best thing about having sisters?

It gives first-hand experience in understanding women basically. This translates to how one should and shouldn’t treat his woman. 

What’s your current obsession other than architecture?

Tech. I’m a tech junkie. 

What’s the best thing you’ve ever done in your life?

Sounds vague (mild laugh).

Where’s your hometown?


Where’s that?


Ooh. What’s the one thing Kilifi has that lacks in other places?


(Laughs) Woow. Amazing. What’s your hiking starter pack?

As if I go hiking. Anyway, that would be some nice company, food and a fire Spotify playlist.

Of all the music you’ve ever listened to. What’s the song you’ll never give up on?

2002-Anne Marie

What scares you the most?

Failure, fam. I’m afraid of failure. 

Name the one friend that can never let you down

My mom. 

What’s your least favorite thing to eat?

At the moment, Ugali. Funny, huh?

Very funny. Everyone loves ugali. Are you dating at the moment?

Yes. I go on my dates at Jamia Mosque in town. 

Weird. Why Jamia Mosque?

Kuna tende tamu sana hapo.

Do you have any hidden talents?

Yes. I am low-key a very good DJ and a spoken word artist. 

What’s the worst thing about studying architecture?

It literally sucks a social life out of you. You don’t go out often. Less interactions with people. You’re always in studio doing something architectural. It’s not that “worse” though. Once you get used to it, it gets really cool. 

What do you miss most about high school?

Erm…the trips back home were something else. 

What can you say to anyone reading this?

(Chuckles) Otile B forced me to do this. 

(Laughs in bold) You’re a crazy man. Thanks for your time. 

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