57th Corner

Stories that make us human

If reincarnation was a thing, I would want to come back as a white dove. I’d feed on grains and drink water by some slow moving river at a forgotten village in Nyanza. I’d spread my wings in the air and fly in the direction of the wind most times. I’d give birth to a dole of squabs and have them by my side in all my aerial endeavors. I’d certainly enjoy the freedom of flight and the marvelous swagger of altitude. When bored, I would perch on the tallest tree around then stare at the clouds or purple sunsets or depressed humans (and pity them). My avian nature wouldn’t allow me to dance but I’d sing the most beautiful of melodies. I’d probably be attending ‘Karaoke for Doves’ and put on some heartwarming shows. Of course, I’d be funny. And of course I wouldn’t be single. I’d meet another dove (who likes me) and get engaged on top of a Baobab tree then have a wedding on an Angel Oak tree. (There wouldn’t be a reception, c’mon, we’re doves remember.) Ooh, and I’d grow old in a big nest on top of some lakeside cabin and call it a life.

My name is Brandon Otieno and this is not reincarnation. It’s real life. And, I am human. My life isn’t as interesting as my imagination. Simple things delight me in this life. Like listening to voice notes from my seven year old niece Joy or having conversations with my parents over trivial things or taking chapatis with lukewarm tea or joining my friends for sundowners at Kisumu Impala Park. I love listening to people too. Welcome to my Online Home. Take a seat at a place of your convenience. It’s a big home.