In the heart of Kisumu
You find a woman
So bold. So audacious. So brave
The woman is my mum
For nine months she hosted me in her belly
And I paid no rent at all

For my days as a toddler
She gave me unconditional love
She gave me food
For toddlers are great lovers of food
She gave me milk for my belly and ink for my books
She gave me bread and butter
I breathed my mum

As a teenager
I derived my strength from her
And most importantly she gave me hope
And hope is what teenagers need most
For teenagers are messed up within
And mum knew this
And she decided to be my source of hope
And I bravely and strongly and confidently cruised my teens

As an adult now,
I still look up to mum
She still gives me a gentle embrace as she used to
Always brimming with passion
Whenever she sees me
Nothing is a sweeter than motherly love
Not even honey. Not even mtura

She is still my spring of joy
She has become a foundation
A foundation to which I am deeply rooted
She is still my strength
I am consumed by her
She is my heroine
God bless you mama
May you see better days ahead
May you find the strength and courage
To beat the life challenges ahead
Warmest regards dearest mama.

Thank you.
Your loving son.

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