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By Scola Aoko

Dear you, 

Congratulations on your graduation and subsequent admission to the Kenya School of Law. You’re about to begin quite an exciting and challenging journey.

Having been there myself, I thought it wise to give you a few insights through a letter, and I hope you will find this a useful guide as you go through the year. 

Getting a complete pass is doable and you should go for the win from the word go. In this letter, I also include prayers and good wishes amongst the many things you need to align this year.
Here are 30 guideposts that you can refer to during your training:-
1.      Many ways will be postulated to you, but, whatever happens, make the Advocates Training Program your own experience. 

2.      Guard your mind jealously. The Kenya School of Law battle has to be won in the mind first. 

3.      Believe in something higher than you. 

4.      Read FAM, Read! Please do yourself this favor. Hata tuition ikibidi enda. 

5.      Begin early. Shida ya ATP ni lots of information to process within a short period of time. It will end faster than you think.

6.      Be open to learning. Some quotas have said that there is nothing ATP will teach you, but I say drop your prejudices and open yourself to learning, the whole mix (unlearning, learning and relearning) 

7.      I wish you teachability, always remain teachable. 

8.      I pray that you get a good class, with good lecturers. Because contrary to popular belief, it matters the class you are in and the lecturers that teach you. 

9.      Trust me on this; there are certain classes not worth attending. (Yes, I said it!!) Prepare to teach yourself most things and begin early. 

10.  If Mr. Kimwele teaches you LPM, Ms. Anastacia Probate don’t even bother showing up. (I was only in one class, I wish I had a full list LOL!! But these two are notoriously a pure waste of time) 

11.  Still on classes; do yourself a favor and attend Mr. Crispin’s, Mr. Simiyu’s and Ms. Kungu’s classes from the onset. Alternatively slot some time to catch up. 

12.  Haya, then there is that presumption that you understand Probate and Administration from your Law of Succession in campus. Leave that at the gate please. Be humble and find where Ms. Rose Ruto teaches and religiously attend her classes. 

13.  I pray that you get a good firm, because FAM, you need a good firm. Desperately so. 

14.  In your firms, begin to identify the patterns of the people you are working with early enough and start cutting your losses if need be. Unless you want to be compiling minutes on the last day of project submissions. 

15.  It is often said that the Bar exam is passed at Kenya School of Law. Good orals and project marks will give you better leverage. They may not guarantee a pass, but I still say just score highly from the word go.

16.  TBVVH orals is sheer luck. What you need is a good panel, which will ask you doable questions that bring the best of your knowledge LOL! And how is this not luck? 

17.  Get a group discussion and begin revisiting past papers early enough. Si mumewahi sikia Iron sharpens Iron? Go for the win and pair up with the best in the variety. Try as many pairings as you can until you settle. 

18.  Make friends, not networking. I mean organic friendships. Take a genuine interest in people and their lives. 

19.  ATP has a way of reinforcing cliché principles, things like practice, consistency, trying and discipline. Pay attention to the little things, kwanza I think this is the point I should say LWD is petty. 

20.  Practice! Practice! Practice! Especially for the drafting units, draft all possible things there are to draft in the 9 units. 

21.  I pray you get a good place to stay, make rent in time, not lack for food and transport to get to school. And as for family and friends I hope they will accord you the most important love language you need this year UNDERSTANDING. 

22.  I wish you immense peace of mind. Nothing short of it.

23.  Be a student, enjoy the student life with its burdens and privileges. Live in the moment, find things to relish in, in the routine. Just open yourself to feeling. 

24.  Cry. Give integrity to your healthy feels. 

25.  There are days you will wake up and not feel like moving. First, it will be normal, don’t fight the feeling. But don’t dwell either. After you are done feeling awful, wake up, shower, dress up and show up. 

26.  Rest. Rest is really underrated these days and in a world where people pride in not sleeping enough.  Please sleep. A well-rested mind is a productive mind. 

27.  Laugh often, a good laugh.  Then don’t forget play. This school can be grim some days. 

28.  Begin looking for Pupilage early. My god, the rat-race may make you reconsider law school altogether and being a stripper may seem a good idea after all. 

29.  Don’t pride in looking prepared, it’s not over until it’s over darling. Never stop wanting to be sure, don’t stop. 

30.  In the end, let be that you fought, and even if things don’t go your way, because sometimes they just fail to, learn to be kind to yourself.
All the best as you begin your training at Kenya School Law.
Just a day at a time no? Cheers to new beginnings!!
Warmest regards, 

Scola Aoko

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    Maybe I’ll refer someday, so simplistic yet artful.

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